Currently Rutgers Study Abroad offers two options for a semester or year long study at an educational institution in Greece.

College Year in Athens has consistently offered solid courses in Hellenic and Mediterranean Studies ranging from antiquity to the present.  The language of instruction is English.  The curriculum includes upper division courses on art, archaeology, environmental studies, ethnography, history, Greek language, literature, philosophy, political science, international relations, and religion.  Special offerings include workshops on antiquities conservation and marble sculpting.  CYA likewise sponsors a rich program of study travel, including field trips, on-site classes, and periodic optional trips.  Located in a very pleasant part of Athens (Pankrati), CYA is well organized and soundly administered, and provides comfortable apartment style housing for its visiting students.  The faculty are sometimes drawn from the local foreign schools (e.g., American School of Classical Studies), or are local scholars with outstanding academic reputations.  Overall CYA is a great opportunity to study in Athens, get to know the famous monuments and museums, and also work on your modern Greek by venturing out into your neighborhood and making local friends. 

The American College of Thessaloniki is located in Greece’s second largest city, which many consider to be the nation’s artistic and cultural capital, and has one of the largest student populations in Europe.  A small and friendly college located just outside the city, ACT has an excellent faculty and reputation, especially in fields like business administration, communications, European and Balkan studies, and international relations.  As at CYA in Athens, the instruction is in English, but you can (and should) take modern Greek courses as well.  The special attraction of ACT is the strength of its offerings for pre-business and business majors.  Thessloniki itself is a very exciting ambiance, with wonderful monuments from the Byzantine and Ottoman past, and easy access to adjacent Balkan countries, the north Aegean Islands, and Turkey.