Study Abroad in Greece

Study Abroad is a fantastic experience for everybody. For students minoring in Modern Greek Studies, the experience of living and studying abroad in a Greek-speaking environment is always phenomenally enriching. Basically there are two key choices: a short term, or a long term period of study. Working with our Rutgers Global Education (i.e., Study Abroad) Program, the Modern Greek Studies programs offers options for both.

Short Term Summer Program: Rutgers at The American College of Thessaloniki

For many students, the ideal choice is a summer program which combines classroom study, opportunities to get to know "the locals," and travel to discover important sites and monuments. Here we recommend a five week program in June and July, based at the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT), in which our students register for two courses — one on "The History of Thessaloniki and Its Inhabitants," and another focused on service learning, entitled "Engaging With Greece In Transition." On completion, students earn six (6) credits of upperdivision study — which, for minors, apply directly to program course requirements.

Long Term Programs (Semester, Full Year): CYA and ACT

The gold standard for a study abroad experience is long term "immersion" — at least one semester and optimally a full academic year. Unfortunately many students consider this financially impossible, or too conflicting with their major program core requirements. Often however, this is not actually the case, and students should carefully research their options and possibilities. For those ready and able to "take the plunge," the rewards are incalculable.

In picking a long term study abroad option in Greece, Rutgers students should begin by exploring the choices available in our own university's Global Education (Study Abroad) Program. Working with faculty from the Modern Greek Studies Program, two sites have been selected for recommendation to Rutgers students for long term study. In Athens, it is "College Years in Athens (CYA)." In Thessaloniki, it is our summer session partner, "The American College of Thessaloniki (ACT)." Click the header above for further information on these programs.

Students seeking general advice on study abroad in Greece are urged to contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..