Following is a list of approved courses in the Program for Modern Greek Studies which are currently offered on a regular basis.  Some are anchored within the program, while others are cross-listed from affiliated departments.

Courses in Modern Greek Language

  •  01:489:101,102.  First Year Modern Greek (4,4)

Fundamentals of the language with exercises in speaking, reading, and writing.

  •  01:489:201,202.  Second Year Modern Greek (3,3)

Development of language skills, emphasis on speaking, translation drills, and grammar.  Prerequisite: 01:489:102 or permission of the instructor.

  •  01:489:301,302.  Third Year Modern Greek (3,3)

Introduction of themes in the Hellenic tradition, particularly through readings in modern Greek literature.  Development of facility and accuracy in oral expression and listening comprehension.  Prerequisite: 01:489:202 or permission of the    instructor.

Courses in Modern Greek Literature & Culture, Film & Music

  • 01:489:340.  Major Modern Greek Writers in Translation (3)

Reading and discussion of great works of modern Greek literature, in English translation, including short stories, poetry, and a novel.  Course will include selected parallel films for additional insight and analysis.  Credit not given for both this course and 01:195:241.

  • 01:489:345 — Modern Greek Poetry in Translation (3)

Reading and discussion of great masters of modern Greek poetry, 20th century to present, with emphasis on Cavafy, Kazantzakis, Seferis, Elytis, and Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke.  All readings in English translation. Credit not given for both this course and 01:195:386.

  •  01:489:358.  Odysseus in Literature, Drama, and Film (3)

Explores the Homeric figure Odysseus in literature from Homer and Vergil, through Dante and modern masterpieces by Nikos Kazantzakis, James Joyce, and Derek Walcott.  Additional explorations in poetry, as well as selected modern films.  All readings in English.  Credit not given for both this course and 01:190:358 or 01:195:358.

  •  01:489:370.  Greek Film: Love, Eros, & Death (3)

Masterpieces of modern Greek film, 1914 to present, exploring the interplay of love, the erotic, and death.  In English.

  • 01:489:376.  Contemporary Greek Music (3)

Socio-cultural dynamics of modern Greek music, from Byzantine chant, to folk, to pop-art, laiko fusion, and Greek hip hop.  How these genres shape modern Greek social routines, world views, and emotions.  Modern Greek not required. 

Courses in Byzantine & Modern Greek History, Religion & Art History

  • 01:489:205  The Byzantine Empire (3)

Survey of political, religious and socioeconomic development of the eastern Roman Empire, centered at Constantinople, from late 3rd century to Ottoman conquest in 1453.  Credit not given for both this course and 01:510:205 or 01:685:205.

  • 01:489:207  Byzantine Civilization (3)

The Byzantine achievement in political ideology and statecraft, defining orthodox Christianity, transmitting classical traditions of science and literature, developing  world class art and architecture, and laying foundations of modern Greek culture. Credit not given for both this course and 01:510:207 or 01:685:207.

  • 01:489:312  Greek Christianity (3)

Eastern church tradition from the second through the eighth centuries; theological controversies and the development of liturgy, monasticism, and mysticism.  Credit not given for both this course and 01:840:312 or 01:685:312.

  • 01:489:314  The Evolution of Christian Orthodoxy 300-787 CE (3)

History, theology, and social context of the formation of Christian orthodoxy from the First Council of Nicea to the Second Council of Nicea.  Credit not given for both this course and 01:840:410.

  • 01:489:315  Byzantine Art (3)

Art and architecture of the Eastern Roman Empire, third through fifteenth centuries.  Emphasis on sources of Byzantine style and iconography and on the historical context of Byzantine art.  Credit not given for both this course and 01:082:312.

  • 01:489:381  Cyprus: A Global History (3)

Dynamics of empires, ethnic politics, nationalism, colonialism and globalization as affecting Cyprus, 16th-21st centuries, and culminating in the division of the island.

  • 01:489:382  History of Modern Greece (3)

Greek experience under Ottoman rule; revolution and independence; development of national state and society 1830s to present.  Credit not given for both this course and 01:510:382. 

International Courses

The two three-credit upper division courses taken by students enrolled in the "Rutgers at The American College of Thessaloniki" summer program are fully approved for fulfilment of minor requirements.

Courses taken by students enrolled in the semester/all year Rutgers Global (Study Abroad) programs at College Year in Athens, and American College of Thessaloniki, may be applied to fulfilment of minor requirements, pending the Modern Greek Studies Program Director's review and approval.