The Hellenic Cultural Association (HCA) at Rutgers University, in New Brunswick, NJ was established in 1975, for the purpose of bringing together students, faculty, and the community members interested in preserving and promoting the appreciation of Hellenic culture at Rutgers, and the community at large. Its Rutgers faculty co-advisors are currently Panos Georgopoulos, Professor of Environmental & Occupational Medicine, and Thomas Papathomas, Professor of Biomedical Engineering.

Through celebration of major cultural events, organizing festivals, and educating members about Hellenic culture, the HCA creates an atmosphere for Greek and non-Greek members to discover, share, appreciate, and promote Hellenic culture.

Traditionally each spring the HCA organizes a Dinner Dance as a fundraising event, proceeds of which help to increase the number of modern Greek studies courses offered at Rutgers, and thus pave the way for the eventual creation of an academic major in this discipline. 

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