It is not uncommon for students with a prior background in modern Greek to want to continue their language study at Rutgers.  Some students in this category may likewise have pursued prior formal study equivalent to high school Advanced Placement courses, or college level courses taken elsewhere.  Following is an explanation of regulations that apply to students with this kind of prior background.


All students with significant prior background in modern Greek (native fluency, heritage learning, Greek School, courses taken elsewhere), who wish to pursue further language coursework in the Rutgers Modern Greek Studies Program, must arrange for a placement evaluation, which is administered by the Program’s head language instructor (Mrs. Katerina Kourti-Galavas).    This evaluation is conducted in person; there is no provision for online testing.  The results will determine the most appropriate course level for continuing studies in the Rutgers Modern Greek Studies Program.   Students seeking to arrange a language evaluation may contact Mrs. Kourti-Galavas at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Students who have records of significant classroom work in modern Greek — at the U.S. high school AP level, or A level study in the British or Cypriot educational system, or in college courses taken elsewhere —, who feel they might deserve transfer credit, should likewise contact Mrs. Kourti-Galavas for a preliminary assessment of whether this is appropriate.  If it seems that a positive case can be made, the Program Director will oversee the process of application for transfer credit with the appropriate Rutgers deans.


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