ElektraInstructor, Modern Greek Studies Program

Onassis Foundation Fellow in Modern Greek Studies (2013-2015)

Ph.D. in History, Bosphorus University, Istanbul, Turkey

B.A. and M.A. in History, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece
At Rutgers since 2013
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Dr. Kostopoulou's research and publications have to do with comparative empires/polities in Europe and the Middle East, exploring concepts of administration that pertain to religious diversity, local sovereignty, centralization, and federalism, all the way from the late-Ottoman Empire to the European Union. Her first book, The Island of Leros as an Ottoman Province: History through the Books of the Local Elders (Athens: Philistror Publications, 2005), is a monograph on the socio-economic transformations experienced by a small Aegean island at the dusk of the Ottoman era. Her current project, Of Minarets and Minotaurs: The Story of Autonomous Crete (1898-1913), addresses regional autonomy through incomplete transitions from empires to nation-states, at the intersection of the local and the international.
Dr. Kostopoulou has been the recipient of various awards, fellowships, and grants. From 2006 to 2010 she taught at Istanbul Bilgi University and has since relocated to the USA, as a fellow at Princeton (2010-2011), Columbia (2011-2012), and New York Universities (2012-2013).  In 2013 she joined the Modern Greek Studies Program at Rutgers University, teaching courses of Modern-Greek history from a comparative perspective.


* 01:489:381.  Cyprus:  A Global History (3); Cross-listed with 510:384
* 01:489:382.  History of Modern Greece (3); Cross listed with 510:382 and 685:382