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The Modern Greek Studies Program sponsors one option for a summer program in Greece, namely "Engaging with Greece in Transition," which traditionally is scheduled to operate from June to July. This is an international service learning experience, administered through the Rutgers Center for Global Education, and taught at American College of Thessloniki (ACT).

The program is administered through ACT's regular summer session. Students combine a content course taught at ACT with service learning placements in various organizations and agencies, depending on interest. Options include working with children and young adults with disabilities and special needs; assisting in health and medical agencies; engagement with heritage preservation in the Jewish community; and outreach to desperately poor and homeless populations. Students will additionally meet for weekly reflection and advisement with a Rutgers program coordinator who is fluent in modern Greek, and to discuss the issues of modern Greek society. Students will also take two lessons in Modern Greek language, from the Rutgers program coordinator, per week, totaling six (6) credits of coursework. In the past, ACT summer course offerings, compatible with Track 2, were:

◦ History 232: Thessaloniki: A City and its Inhabitants
◦ Politics 321: US Policy in Southeast Europe
◦ Politics 360: European Politics

Students may also participate in ACT's program of summer session excursions, including a three day trip to the island of Corfu, a day trip to Vergina, and a day trip to Chalkidiki to participate in the Suni Jazz Festival. Trips within Thessaloniki include guided walks through the Roman and modern markets, tours of the Archaeological and Byzantine museums, a harbor boat ride, and a walk of the medieval city walls. Optional additional trips include a two day camping trip to Chalkidiki, and sailing and canyoning adventures.

The American College of Thessaloniki will provide students with off campus accommodation in downtown Thessaloniki. Rooms are all fully furnished (including kitchen appliances in individual studios or in common areas). Off-campus housing locations are well served by the city's reliable bus system with buses running at 10-15 minute intervals. Meals are not included in the cost of the program.

For complete description, including financial and scholarship information and application form, visit the RCGE Website.

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